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Classic Family Dining at Cisero's in Park City, Utah

A Review of Cisero's, an Italian eatery on 306 Main St.


Classic Family Dining at Cisero's in Park City, Utah

A night at Cisero's.

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Park City, Utah's dining scene is nearly as expansive its ski resorts. Whether you're looking for apres-ski dinner and drinks, a romantic meal for two, a quick bite to eat, or a casual family night out, there's a place for you. One stop on Main Street to be considered is Cisero's Restaurant, a warm and inviting Italian restaurant perfect for a relaxed family dinner.

The expansive restaurants seats more patrons than most restaurants on Main Street, and the spacious dining room mirrors the generous portions served at Cisero's.

Accordingly, the family-friendly restaurant - which even features drawing paper as its table mats, complete with a set of crayons - is ideal for parents looking to unwind in a comfortable setting while feeding the entire family at an affordable price.

A meal at Cisero's is best begun with a basket of bruschetta for $8.99. Basil-infused olive oil, balsamic reduction, garlic and fresh tomatoes are served over soft Italian bread, toasted for just the right amount of time. It's an appetizer that the adults will enjoy, but the kids might fancy a bite or two, too.

If the family is still hungry, considering adding a bucket of garlic bread. The loaf of classic bread is dressed in rich olive oil and parmesan, the perfect pair for the fresh garlic.

The appetizer might be necessary, especially if the kids need something to much on before their meals, because Cisero's does not provide complimentary pre-dinner bread, as one might expect from an Italian restaurant. Fortunately, though, the garlic bread is just $2.99, and is sized quite generously to feed the entire family.

Moving on to entrees, the chicken parmesan for $18.99 is an excellent choice. While it is hard to go wrong with such a classic Italian dinner, Cisero's got it just right. The chicken was tender, the pasta was perfectly cooked, and the marinara sauce added a tasty zest, without overwhelming the rest of the meal. Plus, the entree was pleasantly presented with more than enough melted cheese.

For diners craving darker meat, the $26.99 flat iron steak is the way to go. It's one of Cisero's house specialties, and although steak isn't an Italian forte, the restaurant did a good job of putting it all together. The thick cut of meat comes marinated in traditional Italian style, accessorized with delicious chianti-glazed onions. Truffle-infused croquettes complete the meal.

For vegetarians, the capellini pomodoro is a prime choice. The angel hair pasta was tossed with ripe Roma tomatoes, fresh basil and poignant garlic. The aromatic-infused olive oil united the rest of the ingredients to result in a meal that was rich with delicious flavors without ending up too heavy or filling.

These items offer just a glimpse of the options at Cisero's. The extensive, multiple-page menu also includes a variety of salads, pizzas and stuffed pastas. Diners with a more sophisticated palate might consider some of the other House Specialities, in addition to the flat iron steak, such as the pesto-grilled salmon or butterfly shrimp oreganata.

Cisero's on 306 Main St. is a prime choice for families hungry after after a day on the slopes. "Let our family entertain yours," is the restaurant's motto, a sentiment reflected in the prompt and friendly service, the roomy dining area, the generous portion sizes, and, of course, the classic Italian cuisine.

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