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Top Ski Helmets


A ski helmet isn't just an accessory - it's a necessary part of your skiing wardrobe. Because ski helmets can save you from serious injury, there is no excuse not to wear a helmet. Also, helmets can look cool and sleek, too. Here are the top ski helmets.

Boeri Tactic Ski Helmet

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The Boeri Tactic Ski Helmet offers superior head protection, yet it's lightweight and comfortable. Boeri's "Head-Loc" Occipital Retention System provides optimal fit and allows for an exact, personalized fit every time you put it on. Plus, adjustable ventilation will either keep you warm or cool. This helmet will keep your head protected, while keeping you comfortable, too.
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Giro Encore Ski Helmet

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The Giro Encore Ski Helmet is an excellent mid-line helmet. Affordable but still "cool" looking, the Giro Encore will offer you a lot for such a great price. With features like a comfortable liner, a goggle notch to keep your goggles secure, a temperature-regulating "thermostat," removable ear pads, and a special seal that can insulate you from the chill, this Giro ski helmet is truly a good helmet. Also, with sizing through XS-XXL, it won't be hard to find a size that fits well.
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K2 Black Hawk ONE Helmet

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If you want one of the coolest on today's market, the K2 Black Hawk is the a great helmet for you. Definitely an innovation, this helmet could be considered the most protective on the market because of its special outershell and innershell that's molded with the outer thermoplastic.
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Pro-Tec B2 Ski Helmet

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The Pro-Tec B2 Ski and Snowboard Helmet is a low profile multiple impact ski helmet which has removable ear flaps.
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Salomon Helmets

Salomon's line of helmets are well-fitting and sleekly designed. Known for their high quality, these helmets won't look bulky or embarrassing. Instead, they'll do their job as necessary head protectors, but they'll look good, too.
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Uvex X-Ride Motion Ski Helmet

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The Uvex X-Ride Motion ski helmet's features include six adjustable vents and an anti itch, sweat-absorbing liner, removable ear flaps and a ratcheting monomatic closure on the strap. The X-Ride Motion ski helmet in available in of six shell sizes - XS, S, M, L, XL, and XXL. Each size is accommodating to a 2 cm range which can provide for a really exacting, comfortable and solid fit.

To be sure you're ordering the correct size helmet, print out the Uvex Helmet Sizing Tool and use to measure your head to the nearest centimeter. This will guarantee a comfortable fit with even pressure around the head.

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