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How to Make Your Own Ski Rack

A Step-by-Step Guide to Building Your Own Ski Rack


Here's how to build a slotted ski rack, the kind that you most often see in the rental areas. I'm referring to a rack where you just slide the skis in and they hang by the ski shovels. This is a very affordable wooden rack that can be made to hold just about as many pair of skis as you can come up with.

1. Finished Ski Rack

Ski rack in garage
Rocky Chrysler/Flickr/CC BY-ND 2.0

This photo is the finished ski rack doing its job in my garage. Actually you could easily continue the rack down the length of the wall to hold as many skis as you would like.

Tools needed:
1/2" electric drill, 3/4" wood bit, power saw (circular, recip, or table saw will all work), screw gun or battery drill and Phillips insert bit, T-square, Magic Marker.

Material needed:
A piece of lumber - 2" x 8" x however long you want the rack, Two 8" x 6" - 90° brackets for the ends (be sure to add 1 more for every 5 foot span), 1 1/4" and 2" wood screws.

2. Marking Up The Wood - Part 1

Mike Doyle
Using the T-square and Magic Marker scribe a line the entire length of the 2" x 8" at 1 1/2" from the wood edge. Starting from one edge of the wood, mark the Magic Marker line every 10 1/2". Use this mark as the back of a 3/4" circle (using a Quarter works fine).

3. Marking Up The Wood - Part 2

Mike Doyle

Starting at the Magic Marker line make parallel scribes from each side of the circle to the opposite edge of the wood. Mark the center of the circles with a dot.

Double check the measurements - my brother-in-law contractor always says "Measure twice - cut once."

4. Drill Out The Circles

Mike Doyle
Using the 1/2" electric drill with the 3/4" wood bit, drill through the center of each circle.

5. Cut Out The Slots

Mike Doyle
Using whatever saw you choose, sawcut the parallel lines from the wood edge back to the 3/4" hole making the slots.

6. Attach The Brackets

Mike Doyle
Attach an 8" x 6" bracket at each end of the 2" x 8", with the 6" side screwed to the wood rack, using 1 14" wood screws. Add other brackets as needed, so that there is no span longer than 5 feet.

7. Hang The Ski Rack

Mike Doyle
Set and level the ski rack at a comfortable height, then screw the brackets to the wall with the 2" wood screws.
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