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Custom Foot Bed Fitting for Ski Boots


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Deciding on Custom Foot Beds
Custom Foot Bed Fitting for Ski Boots

Custom Foot Bed Fitting

Michael Doyle, Photo at Surefoot, Killington, VT
Last year, I bought a pair of Head RS 80 ski boots. They came with dual setting flex and cuff canting adjustments. The boots were incredibly comfortable, warm, and stiff, which I liked. However, even though they were comfortable, I was getting pressure spots around the ankles and on my dominant left foot when skiing. Several instructors, including one who also worked at boot fitting, advised me that I should look into foot beds to correct my balance stance. They also recommended having an alignment done to see how far off my boot stance was from 90 degrees.

I finally took their advice, because I wanted to eliminate any external impediment to improving my skiing. I wanted to be sure that if I was doing something wrong, the only thing causing the problem was me. As one instructor put it – “Mike, blame the bus driver, not the bus.”

You can find a number of shops near ski resorts that can make reliable custom foot beds. Prices range from about $40 for precut beds to $200 or more, depending on precision, material, and labor. In general you get what you pay for. I chose to use a Surefoot.com shop, run by manager Ray Rice, for my foot beds. Surefoot has over twenty shops in the U.S., Canada, and Europe, comes highly praised, and the guarantee of their product and work is honored at any of the stores.

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