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Ski Binding Check


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Ski Binding Check - Compile Skier Information
When it comes to ski bindings, the most obvious setting of a ski binding is the Indicator on the toe and heel. The indicator has a sliding gradient scale whose numbers relate to the tension setting of the binding. The correct number setting for each skier is determined by inputting the skiers personal information into a formula developed by the binding manufacturer. Information such as age, height, weight and length of boot is factored in with the assessment of the skier’s ability and a number is calculated for the setting.

Dan Nizolek, Alpine Sport Shop Service Technician, emphasized that this is one time when you don’t want to overestimate your skiing ability or underestimate your weight. You can have the setting increased if you find you are releasing early, but the chance of injury greatly increases when your bindings do not release when you really need them to.

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