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Preventing Ski Theft

Keep Your Valuable Equipment Safe


Unfortunately, your ski equipment is an easy target especially during busy weekends where a thief could easily take your skis and blend in as just another skier. Your ski equipment is valuable, and theft can be devastating. Follow these tips to prevent the theft of your ski equipment.

  • Whenever possible, keep your skis locked. Many ski resorts provide stations to lock skis, but bring your own ski lock too. Lock your skis to the rack.
  • If possible, strive to keep your skis in sight at all times.
  • Remember to loop your poles over your skis, as while this may not prevent your poles from being stolen, it will prevent an accidental mix-up and it does make your poles harder to simply pick up and carry away.
  • If you forgot your ski lock or if you can't find a place to lock your skis, separate them - place one ski on one rack and place another ski on a different rack. Or, swap skis with a friend and create two unmatched pairs. Most thieves don't have the patience to search for your the other ski. However, be sure to take careful note of where you place your two separate skis.
  • Many ski resorts provide lockers to lock your equipment in while you're out skiing. While many skiers don't use lockers, locking your bag away is a great way to prevent theft.
  • Keep a record of your boots, skis, and poles. Be sure to include the make and model of the equipment, the serial number, and include any identifying marks or characteristics in your records. In case of theft, these details need to be reported to the police as they can help you recover your skis.
  • Many resorts or hotels have a special area where skis can be checked either overnight or during the day. Take advantage of these secured areas in order to prevent theft. However, if you choose to leave your skis in your hotel room overnight or while you're out enjoying other activities, be sure to lock your hotel room.
  • If you have extra equipment that you store in your car, keep it out of view. If possible, hide it under your back seat or cover it with a blanket.
  • Check with the ski resort and find out if they have a ski registration program. Most programs allow you to register your skis, provide methods to prevent theft, and also help owners to track down stolen property.

If your skis have been stolen...

  • Before you do anything else, double-check the area where your skis last were, including the racks around it.
  • Call the police immediately and report it to the resort, as well. This way, necessary action can be taken as soon as possible.
  • Check your insurance policies. Some policies will take care of stolen skis if the theft has been reported to the police in a timely manner. Also, if skis that you were renting have been stolen, your insurance may reimburse you if the rental shop charges you a fee for the stolen skis.
  • Searching websites like Craigslist or eBay is worth a shot, as sometimes thieves will try to sell stolen equipment on online.
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