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Before You Buy a Ski Helmet


young woman wearing ski helmet
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More and more skiers are wearing ski helmets, and for good reason - a good helmet can protect your head from serious injury, and even prevent death. There's no excuse for not wearing a helmet. Here are tips for buying a ski helmet.

Find Your Helmet Size

Finding your helmet size, or your "hat size," isn't very difficult. Most helmets are sized in centimeters, based on the circumference of your head. To get a measurement, use a tape measure around your head (just above your eyebrows). Is your measurement in inches? Use a centimeter-to-inches converter.


Head to the Ski Shop

Once you know your approximate helmet size, make a trip to ski shop. Bring your goggles to the ski store, with you. Do you wear a helmet liner? It may be a good idea to bring that along, too.


    Try Helmets On

    It's a very good idea to try helmets on. A well-fitting helmet should be snug, but not uncomfortablly tight or headache inducing. For optimal protection, it shoudn't roll off backward when you have it on. Also, the ear pads should be right against your ears. Because all helmets are shaped differently, part of finding a good helmet is feel. This is why trying on helmets (and keeping them on for a few minutes) is important.


      Try Your Goggles on With the Helmet

      Try your goggles on with the helmet you plan on purchasing. If the goggles fit your face well with the helmet on and feel comfortable, they should be fine. Sometimes, an uncomfortable pressure can be changed my loosening or adjusting your goggles, so before you nix a particular helmet, adjust your goggles.


      Are You Buying a Helmet Online?

      If you're buying your helmet online, make sure the helmet is returnable. All helmets are shaped different, and without trying it on, the helmet you buy may fit well but it may be uncomfortable. Or, it may be comfortable but it may not be snug enough to protect your head. That's why it's important to check with the online retailer about return policies or sizing information.


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