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How to Donate Used Ski Equipment

What to Do With Old Skis and Boots


How to Donate Used Ski Equipment

One option is donating to kids in need so they have the opportunity to enjoy the magic of skiing.

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If you've tried, unsuccessfully, to sell your skis, you might think that there's only one option left: the dumpster. However, you don't have to trash your old skis and boots. As long as they are still in good condition, you can spread the skiing love and donate them. If they aren't in working order, you can even recycle them. Here's how to donate your old ski equipment.

Look for an adaptive ski program. Ask the adaptive ski program at resorts near you if they're currently accepting equipment donations. While adaptive ski organizations are usually looking for monetary donations, many will accept equipment donation as well. For example, the Adaptive Ski Program in New Mexico accepts "donations-in-kind," including gently used helmets and ski goggles.

Join, or start, a DoSomething.Org campaign. DoSomething.Org is a website that brings communities for good causes. You can search the website to see if there are any sports equipment drives happening near you.

Reach out to local organizations. Your town's Boys and Girls Club, YMCA, or even school ski teams or ski clubs, might be looking for donations of skis, poles, boots, and helmets. As long as your equipment is modern and in good condition, call or e-mail the organizations and offer to donate your equipment.

Be Creative!. Donate your old skis to Green Mountain Ski Furniture, which turns skis into chairs, benches, and tables. Or, you can even have some fun and make a sled out of your old skis! There are other "Do-It-Yourself" projects that make use of your used equipment.

Recycle your equipment. Even if your equipment is broken, the Snow Sports Industries of America (SIA) accepts old equipment for their Snow Sports Recycling Program,which recycles old equipment so it don't end up sitting in landfills, contributing to pollution. If you have old equipment that's not in working order, look into donating it to the SIA. You can also find ways to recycle sports equipment at Earth911.com.

Ask your local ski shop. Some ski shops will accept your used ski equipment, and either donate it to charity or recycle it for you. For example, Colorado Ski and Golf accepts unwanted ski equipment. They donate gear in good condition to charitable organizations, and shred unusable equipment for recycling purposes.

Donate online. You can list your skis under the "Free" category in the "For Sale" section of Craigslist. Just be sure to list in your own region, so you don't have to worry about shipping costs. You'll likely find an eager ski bum looking for a free pair of skis for next season.

Find a youth sports' charity. There are many organizations dedicated to making it possible for underprivileged kids to participate in sports. For example, Sports Gift is a non-profit organization based in California. It donates sports equipment to underprivileged children in need, who otherwise wouldn't be able to participate in sports. Sports Gifts makes it easier for you to sign up to organize an equipment collection program in your community. Also, Sports For the World's Children occasionally organizes equipment donations.

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