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Exercise for Skiers

Exercises to Improve Your Skiing Fitness


Exercise for Skiers
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These snow skiing exercises and tips will get you in skiing shape before ski season starts and will keep you skiing fit year round.

Exercise for Skiers

Fitball Crunch Skiing Exercise
The fit ball crunch exercise from improves core strength and skiing endurance.

Lateral BOSU Hop Skiing Exercise
The lateral BOSU hop exercise from develops power, endurance, and improves quickness of turns without heavy impact on the joints.

Medicine Ball Rotational Pike Skiing Exercise
The medicine ball rotational pike skiing exercise from improves overall rotational strength and aids in holding hard or long turns.

Power Drive Workout Skiing Exercise
This 30-minute power-endurance based workout will help maintain your reaction time and quickness. Perform this workout twice weekly so you can ski longer and harder all ski season.

Balance of Power Skiing Exercise
This 30-minute workout for skiers will help improve your ability to react quickly, as well as better your proprioception and overall balance.

Resistance Band Exercises
Resistance band training is a great way for skiers to stay in shape all year round. Resistance band exercises work the muscles we are actually using to ski. All you need for resistance band training is one resistance band and a small dynamic stabilizer.

Single Leg Fit Ball Squat Skiing Exercise
The wall slide exercise improves unilateral thigh strength and balance. This helps increase skiing stability and the ability to hold an edge.

Strength Training for Skiers
Skiing, especially downhill skiing, may be highly dependent on strong leg muscles but overall conditioning builds a routine that burns calories, increases metabolism and can target muscles important for skiing but not usually concentrated on.

Wall Slide Skiing Exercise
The wall slide skiing exercise improves lower body strength and/or strength endurance. It's easy to do, you don't need any equipment, and it will strengthen your quads, glutes, and abdominals.

Off-Season Skiing Fitness
Off-season sports including biking, hiking, sculling, swimming, and strength training will keep you in top skiing form.

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