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Resistance Band Exercises for Skiers


Resistance Band Exercises for Skiers

Resistance Band Training

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Resistance band training is a great way for skiers to stay in shape all year round. Resistance band exercises work the muscles we are actually using to ski. All you need for resistance band training is one resistance band and a small dynamic stabilizer.

Using resistance band exercises is an easy way to exercise, especially if you're traveling. You don't need a ton of equipment or a gym. You can do the exercises anywhere that's convenient. Just bring your band with you and you're set.

How Resistance Band Training Works

A resistance band is a flexible band, made of elastic stretchable tubing, which is used for exercising.

Resistance band training strengthens and tone muscles, as well as increasing bone mass. Resistance bands offer variable resistance on multiple planes. When you pull or push the band reacts - firing small muscles while still pushing and pulling with the bigger muscles.

The resistance band is similar to a muscle in that it lengthens to what the resistance allows. If the muscle is tight, as you're stretching with the band it won't stretch the muscle anymore than it can accommodate to. As the muscle starts to relax and lengthen out, the band takes up more of the length so you can stretch comfortably.

Resistance band training can be used to work all the muscles you need for skiing. You can improve your strength, balance and flexibility quickly and easily using a resistance band.

Resistance Band Exercises

Dave Schmitz of ResistanceBandTraining.com is a fitness expert and his specialty is resistance band training for strength, flexibility, balance and general well-being. Dave has shared his expertise and his resistance band exercises for skiers.

Resistance Band Exercise Videos

Resistance Band Training for Core Strength Video
These core stabilization exercises will make sure your trunk and your hips are well on board before you get into your exercise program or before you hit the slopes. This video will show you have stabilize your core, which means you have to be able to tell your muscles how to contract and when to contract.

Resistance Band Training for Flexibility Video
These hip stretches will help you improve hip mobility, which then will allow you to strength train your lower body more effectively.

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