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Skiing Fitness / Skiing Exercises

Ski fitness and training including skiing exercises, tips, and advice on getting (and staying) skiing fit.

Exercise for Skiers
These exercises will get you in skiing shape before ski season starts and will keep you skiing fit year round.

Ski Exercises
Ski Exercises: Ski exercises to build core and leg strength, endurance, reaction time, balance, and more skiing-focused fitness exercises.

Online Skiing Fitness
Online ski exercises, workouts, and advice on getting fit for ski season.

Resistance Band Exercises for Skiers
Resistance band training is a great way for skiers to stay in shape all year round. These resistance band training videos will help you stay skiing fit.

Yoga for Skiers
Mountain pose is a great way to begin a yoga practice that also supports your skiing ability.

Ski Fitness Video
Andrew Hooge, a Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist, author of FitSking - Your Guide For Peak Skiing Fitness and founder of FitSkiing.com has produced a 30 minute ski specific exercise routine video - Terrain Tune Up - designed for the skier who has only 4-6 weeks before they hit the slopes.

Calories Burned Skiing
Besides it being a whole lot of fun, an added benefit to learning to ski or ride is that snowsports offers a way to get some winter outdoor exercise and burn calories. Here's how many calories are burned skiing or snowboarding.

Cross Country Skiing Calories Burned
Curious how many calories you burn while cross country skiing? It depends on several factors, including your fitness level, weight and how fast you're skiing. Read more to find about how many calories you burn cross country skiing.

FitSkiing - Your Guide For Peak Skiing
FitSkiing - Your Guide For Peak Skiing by Andrew Hooge is the book to take you from whatever your end of summer fitness level may be and gets you ready for opening day of ski season.

Get Ready for Skiing Workout
These exercises, from the About.com Guide to Exercise, are designed to help strengthen the muscles used in skiing - legs, abs, back, and arms.

How to Fix Sore Skiing Muscles
Tips and advice on how to fix sore skiing muscles, plus how to stay skiing fit and avoid muscle pain.

Save Your Skiing Knees
How switching to a cleated biking shoe and clipless peddles and some special fitting with a RAD (Rotational Adjustment Device) definitely will save your skiing knees.

Cross Country Skiing Technique and Training
This article by Steve Hindman contains technique and training tips for cross country skiers.

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