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What is Nordic Combined Skiing?


What is Nordic Combined Skiing?

Cross Country Ski Racing

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Question: What is Nordic Combined Skiing?
There are three Nordic Combined events. All are men's events, which consist of a ski jumping competition and a cross-country skiing race.

The Team, and Sprint event both have ski jumping on the large (120 meter) hill followed by a 7.5km cross country race in the Sprint event, and a 4 man, 5km relay race in the Team event.

The third event is called the Individual Gundersen, which includes ski jumping on the normal (90 meter) hill followed a 15km cross country race.

Individual Gundersen refers to the method used to determine the starting order for the 15km cross country portion of the event. Starting with ski jumping on the normal hill, each contestant makes two jumps which are scored on distance and style. The winner of the ski jump competition starts first in the 15km race, followed by the descending order of ski jump finishers. Final jumping scores are computed into time differential for starting after the first skier has left. The first skier to cross the finish line is the winner of the event.

The Sprint event is comprised of a large-hill jumping competition and a 7.5km cross-country race. In the Sprint there is only one jump event. The start order for the 7.5km race is also a Gunderson start and the first man over the finish is the winner.

The Team race has four jumpers per team, who make two jumps on the normal hill in the first part of the competition. The team's score in the jumping portion is the total score of the eight team members' jumps. The jumpers then race in the 4 x 5km relay off a Gundersen start. The winning team is the team whose final skier crosses the finish line first.

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