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NASTAR Ski Racing

Who Says You Can't Be a Ranked Ski Racer?


NASTAR Ski Racing

(Courtesy Park City Mountain Resort)

NASTAR Ski Racing

NASTAR (NAtional STAndard Race) racing is a program where recreational skiers of all ages and abilities can test their skills on courses set up at resorts across the country. Times and scores are compared under a universal handicapping system similar to that used in Golf. Amateur skiers can test their skills at over 100 ski resorts in twenty-six states and Canada.

NASTAR winners don't necessarily come from the biggest ski mountains. Brian Spink of Ledyard, CT, who earned a third place finish at the 2005 NASTAR National Championships, at Park City, Utah, listed Wachusett Mountain, in Massachusetts, as his home mountain. As Ski Magazine said "Wachusett has the heart and soul of a big mountain – it just comes in a little package." Regardless of where you ski, you will have the opportunity to compete on a national basis. Some resorts, like Park City Mountain Resort in Utah, even have NASTAR racing on a daily basis. Participants can race against the clock or their friends for gold, silver and bronze medals.

How to Get Started in NASTAR Ski Racing

To get started, simply show up at a participating resort on race day with your skis and a desire to have some real competitive fun. NASTAR cautions all racers to be sure to contact the particular resort on race day to confirm races are being held as scheduled. All resorts have the safety of participants as their primary concern and snow conditions can be a factor. If conditions aren't safe, racing may be rescheduled.

Once you are at the resort just register, at no cost, for the events, or save time and register with NASTAR online. You only have to register once to enroll in the program. Then, whenever you compete, give the attendant your NASTAR registration number, pay the small entry fee, and you'll quickly be in the starting gate.

Good luck, enjoy yourself, and when you get home check your race results. Results are updated on a regular basis throughout the season.

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