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Freestyle Skier Profile: Eliza Outtrim


Freestyle Skier Profile: Eliza Outtrim

Eliza Outtrim

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Eliza Outtrim Personal History:

Ski Team: U.S.
Birthdate: July 18, 1985
Hometown: Steamboat Springs, CO
Freestyle Speciality: Moguls

Eliza Outtrim Olympic Skiing:

Eliza has yet to compete in Olympic competition.

Eliza Outtrim World Ski Championship Skiing:

At Deer Valley in 2011 Outtrim finished 5th in Moguls and 9th in Dual Moguls. At the the 2009 World Ski Championships at Inawashiro, Japan, Eliza Outtrim finished 6th in Dual Moguls and 17th in Moguls.

Eliza Outtrim Competition History:

Eliza Outtrim 2012 Competition Season
Eliza Outtrim's 2012 ski season competition results and history.

Eliza Outtrim Competition History
Eliza Outtrim's competition results and history, including results for the Olympic Winter Games, FIS World Ski Championships, FIS World Cup and FIS events from 2002.

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