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Ski Tips For Kids from Chalky White


Chalky White, a member of the esteemed Beaver Creek Ski School in Colorado and author of the best selling book The 7 Secrets of Skiing offers ski tips and drills that are specific to young skiers, but are also applicable for skiers of all abilities and levels.

Here's Chalky White on coaching and helping kids learn to love skiing and have fun:

Kid Learning? Make 'em Laugh!

Ski trips are great for parent/child bonding. But, fact. Mostly, parents want to ski with the kids, more than vice versa. Do you want your young charges to ski with you happily, with little or no protest? The key trick to success is, safety always in mind, make sure skiing is fun, make the kids laugh. But, at the same time, subtly, attempt to keep them developing; remember, efficiently operating skiers become safer skiers.

If your kids have recently taken private or group instruction, ask the instructor to explain, even demonstrate, the main and/or general theme of the coaching. Perhaps, your job is not to coach per se, but to keep the themes of the pro instruction going; usually, best results come from pro inspired instruction. Note: the greatest likelihood of skier success, is in keeping your children, and yourself, under regular pro instruction. Because it is at the very core of skiing skills, knowledgeable ski instructors should place the ROCK, that is athletic stance, at the very core of their coaching.

Why the ROCK? The reality is that, when the ROCK continually strengthens, all other skills tend to strengthen simultaneously. Therefore, when the onus is on you, try to keep keep the ROCK theme a constant. To sum up, when skiing with your youngsters, mostly, concentrate on two areas of technique. They are, the just discussed ROCK of athletic stance (ROCK development tends to accelerate skier development). Secondly, speed control; judge when it's prudent allow enthusiastic youngsters off the 'leash' but, monitor activity and exercise your parental authority, when necessary.

To help you with these two major aspects, I offer the following tips, each dealing with an important point that will help to focus kids. Also, if it's not a strength, some quick reading will offer ideas of how to make the kids have fun and laugh more.

Always Remember: An Advanced/Expert Skier is a Beginner (Kid, or Adult) that Continues to Master the Basics.

Keep Your Head Up and Eyes Level

Chalky White
Keep your eye-line level when you ski is critical to every balance related thing that we do when we ski. Teaching kids to keep their head up and eyes level is a big, and easy step to learning balance control while turning. Here's how to keep your head up and your eyes level.

Kid Rock - Learn The Correct Athletic Stance for Skiing

Chalky White
The ROCK that is your athletic stance is, without doubt, the one most important skiing skill your child (and you) will ever develop. If they can consistently practice standing in a way that allows them to use their legs powerfully, the chances of developing very early adeptness of advanced techniques can be much higher. Here's how to learn the correct stance for skiing.

The Slow Ski Race

Chalky White
Generally, most kids ski faster than their more fearful adult counterparts. But, there's another vital skill that, if developed, indicates the probability that adults and kids, will develop into all around controlled skiers; it is - The ability to, when necessary, on all terrain and the snow conditions to be skied, control speed/slow down by completing individual turns or, each turn of a series. The Slow Ski Race helps kids learn to control speed for safe skiing.

More Ski Tips From Chalky

Chalky White
Here are more tips, for all levels skiers, from Chalky White.
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