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Mountain High Snowsport Club


Mountain High Snowsport Club
Copyright Mountain High Snowsport Club

Mountain High Snowsport Club Description:

The Mountain High Snowsport Club (www.mthigh.org) is a friendly group of skiers and snowboarders in the Portland, Oregon and Vancouver, Washington area. They are known as a club that really skis and rides. They have day outings to Mt. Hood, and ski trips throughout the Northwest, Canada and the western United States.

Mountain High Snowsport Club is a warm and friendly club, with about 210 members and year-round social activities. The club is part of the NW Ski Club Council and they participate in the local PACRAT racing league. The ratio of singles to married couples is about 50/50.

Mountain High Snowsport Club: Skiing Information:

Own Lodge: Yes
Race Team: No
Instructions: Yes
Day Trips: No
Weekend: Yes
Extended: Yes
International: Yes

Ski Trip Information

Mountain High Snowsport Club: Member Information:

Age Range: 21+
Annual Dues: $25 for Singles or $40 for Couples
Singles Only: No
Men Only: No
Women Only: No
Singles: Yes
Couples: Yes
Families: No
Teens: No
Kids: No

Membership Info

Mountain High Snowsport Club Sports Activities:

Mountain High Snowsport Club sports activities (other than skiing) include hiking, rafting, skating, golf, and bowling.

Sports Activities

Mountain High Snowsport Club Social Activities:

Mountain High Snowsport Club has a variety of social activities throughout the year, TGIFs, parties at members homes, an annual Chocolate Party, an annual Membership Party, and quarterly Pizza Parties, a Seafood Social, and a gathering together for dinner and a movie when the latest Warren Miller movie comes to town.

Social Activities

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