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Top Women's Ski Gloves / Mittens


A great ski day can be ruined by cold hands - and you definitely don't want that! That's why a pair of good, warm ski gloves or mittens are necessary in your skiing wardrobe. A quality pair of gloves needs to shield your hands from the wind, while insuring that all of your fingers are warm, but you still need to be able to move your hands. Here is a list of the best women's ski gloves that will keep your hands warm and toasty throughout your entire ski day.

Black Diamond Glissade Glove

Black DIamond Glissade Glove
These gloves are sleek, but you won't sacrifice anything for their appealing design. Mid-warmth for average ski days, your hands will be comfortable and dry, even during wet spring days. Fleece lining provides a slim but quality insulation, and a durable palm and "hinged knuckles" give you great movement - handling ski poles or zippering your jacket will become an easy task with these gloves.
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Black Diamond Guide Glove

Courtesy PriceGrabber
The Black Diamond Guide Glove is perhaps the ultimate ski glove. Designed for skiing in cold regions like Alaska that can be subzero and windy, this glove is totally waterproof. Both of your hands will always be warm - even your fingertips and your thumb - so these gloves are definitely worth their price!
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Burton Insulator Mitt

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These versatile ski/snowboard mittens are often considered Burton's warmest glove. With a weatherproof Storm-Lite shell that blocks chilling wind, this glove also has warm Thermacore insulation. Plus, you'll love to slip your hand into these gloves' comfortable fleece lining. To top off the warmth of these mittens is a generously-sized gauntlet, which blocks out snow, ice, moisture, and cold air, and keeps valuable heat where it should be - right inside your glove.
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Grandoe Primo Elite Mittens

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These Grandoe mittens are soft and supple on the outside and comfortable on the inside. The leather outer resists moisture and a water wicking liner ensures that your hands will stay dry. The genuine goose down insulation keeps you warm even in below zero conditions.
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Kombi Women's Downy Ski Mitten

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The Kombi Women's Downy Ski Mitten is a water resistant leather glvoe filled with goose down. The lining of this glove wicks away moisture and gown will keep your hands warm.
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Marmot Ultimate Ski Glove

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The Marmot Ultimate Ski Glove is just that. While these gloves are more expensive than most ski gloves, you aren't paying for an ordinary glove - you're paying for warm, dry hands throughout your entire ski day. These gloves are completely waterproof, insulated, and reinforced to be durable. Woth a safety leash, you can adjust your goggles on the lift without having to worry about dropping a glove. Also, you won't sacrifice the easy movement of your hands for warmth. These gloves have it all!
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