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Luxury Ski Wear

High-End Ski Clothing Brands


While there are plenty of dependable ski clothing brands that sell quality ski wear at affordable prices, sometimes it's fun to "window shop." If you're curious about high-end ski wear or thinking about investing in a luxury ski jacket or pants, these brands are a good place to start.

Some luxury ski wear can cost upwards of $1,000, so prepare yourself for some "sticker shock." But, keep in mind that when it comes to ski wear, in many cases, you do get what you pay for - meaning in many cases, these high-end ski jackets and pants are the best of the best.

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Arcteryx Stingray Jacket
Arcteryx jackets cost between $300-$700, but for good reason. In the case of Arcteryx, you aren't paying Madison Ave or Beverly Hills prices to look chic. You are paying for top-of-the-line outdoor clothing that will keep you on top of your game down that double-black, or in the back country.

Arcteryx jackets don't have the bling you might expect from a luxury ski wear, like embroidery, metallic hardware or fur detailing. Rather, your money is going towards premiere technical features, like infallible seam-sealing, laminated hems, extreme breathability and an anatomical design that will fit you "to a T."

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Bogner is a high-end ski wear line, a staple in ritzy ski boutiques in places like Aspen, Colorado and Deer Valley, Utah..

Bogner is known for its detailed, on-trend designs. There's nothing subdued about a Bogner ski jacket. If you're familiar with the brand, you'll recognize the tell-tale signs of Bogner ski wear immediately: gleaming fabrics, shiny metallic hardware, intricate detailing, and an overall sleek design.

Most Bogner jackets are insulated with 100% Goose down, which has a good warmth-to-weight ratio, meaning you'll stay warm without compromising the jacket's figure-flattering fit.

Expect to shell out at least $1,000 for a Bogner ski jacket. A mid-layer, like a sweater or fleece, will cost about half that.

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Canada Goose

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Canada Goose has been making some of the warmest ski clothes money can buy for over fifty years. When you shell out $500 on a Canada Goose parka, you aren't necessarily paying for fashion, though these jackets do have some considerable style cred on the streets. Rather, you're paying for function.

All of Canada Goose's products are field-tested by the people who literally live in the brand: Canadian Arctic Rangers, scientists working in the South Pole, oil rig workers, Mount Ever mountaineers, Artic Air pilots, and more. Canada Goose jackets are designed to withstand the extreme cold of the North and South Pole, meaning you'll be more than protected on even the coldest day in Colorado.

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Dale of Norway

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Dale of Norway makes Norwegian sweaters that you can recognize from a mile away. The company has been making classic Alpine sweaters since 1879, and the sweaters have gained quite a reputation: weatherproof, durable, and just the perfect pick to wear in the lodge after the lifts close, or even out to dinner.

The sweaters are constructed with thick, waterproof wool, and lined with a 100% windproof membrane. They offer the ultimate mid-layer warmth, while also proving to be comfortable under a ski jacket, too.


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Descente is a pioneer in ski wear technology. You can expect cutting-edge technological innovation in ski wear combined with sleek lines and a streamlined fit from all of Descente's ski wear. Descente has even outfitted the national teams of Switzerland, Spain, Japan and Korea, as well as Canada's Ski Cross team.
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Fire + Ice

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Fire + Ice is a Bogner-owned brand. Fire + Ice reflects Bogner's design concept - luxurious fabrics, intricate embroidery and feminine flair. But, Fire + Ice tends to have a more youthful, fun look, with bold prints, whimsical detailing and bright colors. The Fire + Ice line also tends to be slightly less expensive than Bogner's main brand.
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Kjus is a high-end outerwear company whose focus is on just that: outerwear. While you'll see interesting details in Kjus' ski wear, which oftentimes signifies high-end style, ultimately, Kjus is all about making technical ski clothing that performs just as good as it looks.

So, when you spend about $500 on a Kjus ski jacket or pair of ski pants, you're paying for top-of-the-line waterproofing, breathability and insulation, without sacrificing a supremely comfortable fit or flattering design.

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M. Miller

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M. Miller makes luxurious womens ski wear with rich detailing, like elaborate fur collars and sleeves, plush quilting and antique metal hardware. Everything about M. Miller suggests alpine luxury, from the crystal logo detailing on M. Miller mid-layer fleeces to suede trim on M. Miller aprés-ski coats. M. Miller ski wear generally costs between $500 to $1,000.
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Moncler's classic down jackets are chic enough for the city, but warm enough for the mountains. The French company was founded in 1952, and despite the serious style points that these jackets score, their origins were in fact quite athletic. In 1954, the company outfitted Italian mountaineer Ardito Desio on the first successful ascent to the top of K2 Mountain, and organized several successful climbs after that.

Moncler is known for chic lines, detailing that is rich but minimal, and, of course, the warm down insulation. Expect to pay at least $1,500 for a Moncler jacket. Moncler vests are quite popular too, and they cost around $500.

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Nils has its origins in both Sweden and California - the founder, Nils Andersson, was born in Sweden, and frequently skied the slopes of Switzerland, Norway and Austria. He later met his wife in Newport Beach, California, while she working at a ski shop there. Nils decided to move to California, and started his clothing line there. The brand reflects its dual origins - technical supremacy of European ski wear combined with California's cool, comfortable style.

You can depend on Nils for modern ski wear that probably won't cost more than a good pair of skis (a jacket averages $300-400) but still lends to a high-end look. Nils is recognized as selling ski clothing with an extremely flattering, functional fit, so you'll look your best while feeling it, too.

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Overland offers the epitome of luxurious mountain casual clothing. With rich touches, like fur detailing and suede trim, Overland clothing is much less about technical performance than it is about channeling the ambiance of the American west. While Overland does make a few microfiber and down pieces that can be used on the slopes, the brand's emphasis is more on coats that would work best in an aprés-ski setting.
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