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Custom Replacement Ski Boot Liners


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21st Century Custom Ski Boot Liners
Custom Replacement Ski Boot Liners

Prepping the Feet

Mike Doyle, Photo at Surefoot, Killington, VT
Injectable liners have been around for many years. However, the original custom injection boots had liners that only fit that boot. In other words, if you wanted custom injected boots you had to buy that boot – you couldn’t use your old boot. The material was a basic silicone that was forced in until it filled the boot and overflowed out a vent. When it was done it took almost superhuman efforts to get in and out of the boot.

Ray put my concerns aside as he prepped each foot with Styrofoam patches, toe booties, and with a plastic bag for easy entry he fitted each boot and adjusted buckles. He explained that the liners Surefoot uses are sized to the owners boot. The environmentally safe chemical is regulated to only inject a set amount. The chemical is specially formulated and is still pliable after it is injected, unlike the injectables of old that turned rock hard.

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