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Custom Replacement Ski Boot Liners


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Factory Liners Compress
Custom Replacement Ski Boot Liners

Factory Boot Liners

Mike Doyle, Photo at Surefoot, Killington, VT
The problem arises when skiing pressures push the material around the foot – which actually molds the layering material to the individual foot. It does feel good until the material starts to compress.

Ray showed me a cutaway of an average off-the- shelf boot liner and you could see that the manufacturer wasn’t skimping on any material. However, at the same time you could see how the individual layers were compressed from the constant up and down pressure on both the front and the heel.

Fixing the Program

When I first saw a bootfitter yank the boot liner out of a pair of $600 ski boots it was a bit unnerving. I didn’t even know they came out. In fact, a lot of ordinary skiers are unaware that not only do the factory liners pull right out, but you can replace any boot liners with injectable liners that are custom fit to the individual skiers’ feet.

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