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Custom Replacement Ski Boot Liners


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The Problem is in the Liner not the Boot
Custom Replacement Ski Boot Liners

Head RS 80 Ski Boots with factory liners removed

Mike Doyle, Photo at Surefoot, Killington, VT
I figured I had a problem with my ski boot liners when I brought my boots to Surefoot, in Killington, Vermont. The boots felt loose and even with my foot beds and the micro adjustments on my buckles, I couldn’t get the boots to feel like they did the last two seasons. My three year old Head RS 80 ski boots have been canted individually to correct each foot. I really did not want to give them up unless I absolutely had to.

Ray Rice, the Surefoot Regional Manager, had worked on my boots in the past. Having done the canting, fitted my foot beds, and taken down some of the upper cuff during the past 2 years, he now offered to take a look at the new problem. Pulling out the liners he quickly determined my factory liners, after two years of a lot of skiing hours, were pretty well packed out in certain areas.

Ray explained that this isn’t really a fault of the manufacturer. The factory liner is the best effort to fit as many feet as possible as comfortably as possible. This usually means layers of liner materials are built up in the hollow areas based on the average foot. Unfortunately, this construction has a definite skiing life span – some more than others – but all will eventually pack out.

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