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Instaprint Custom Footbeds – Excellent Additions for Ski Boots


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Lifting the Heels
Instaprint Custom Footbeds – Excellent Additions for Ski Boots

Lifting the Heels

Copyright Mike Doyle
When Hal put the finished footbeds in my boots and had me buckle up he could see I had a problem. Honestly, I felt something was not right but couldn’t explain it. This is where Hal’s schooling came to the forefront. He asked me sets of questions as to how I felt when I leaned first this way, then that way, back and forward. All the while he was eliminating some possibilities while raising others until – lifting my heel seemed like it might be the answer.

Sure enough, a set of ¼” heel lifts did the trick. They gave me the lean that ever so slightly shifted my weight and made all the difference as to making my boot comfortable and stable underfoot in both walk and ski modes. Actually, there were also ½” lifts available but that extra little ¼” increase seemed to almost tip me over. Hal nailed it with the one ¼” lift, and in the situation of the AT boot, with no bootboard incorporated, he had to reverse the usual process and adhere the lift to my footbed as shown in the photo.

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