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Instaprint Custom Footbeds – Excellent Additions for Ski Boots


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Making the Foot Impression
Instaprint Custom Footbeds – Excellent Additions for Ski Boots

Making the Foot Impression

Copyright Mike Doyle
The Masterfit Instaprint Footbeds are “custom” footbeds, in essence made from a impression of an individuals foot. The patented Instaprint BioGel Molding System is a semi weight bearing method designed to get a neutral cast of the foot. I am seated in the photo with my hips, knees and ankles at 90 degree angles and applying only enough weight to make accurate impressions. Sitting keeps my total body weight from pressing and contorting my foot.

As my feet settled into the pliable BioGel, Hal Karbots, bootfitting specialist at Northern Ski Works in Killington, VT adjusted my feet into the foot shaped casting cavities. He then worked the dual mechanical devices built into the Molding System to push the Bio-Gel into the nooks and crannies of each foot creating a micro-contour mold of each foot. Hal explained that the contours of everyone’s feet are as unique to the individual as their fingerprints. Meaning a custom mold will translate to an exact mirrored footbed for each foot.

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