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Ski Boot Reviews


Lange SX Ski Boot

Ski boot reviews of the most reliable ski boot brands for this season.

Ski Boot Review Criteria
When reviewing ski boots, Ray Rice, Surefoot.com, used fit criteria based on the last or shape. Narrow (95mm), Medium (102mm) and Wide (106mm), and flex terms: Stiff (160 to 130), Average (120 to 90) and Soft (80 to 40). The tighter the shell is the quicker and more responsive it will be.

Ski Boot Reviews - 2013/2014 Ski Boots

Apex Ski Boots
Apex uses a carbon fiber shell around a snowboard boot to allow a light weight and softer flexing option.

Atomic Ski Boots
Atomic has over 50 ski boot models available from world cup ready race boots to the smallest ski boots made. Here's the scoop on Atomic 2013/2014 ski boots.

Dalbello Ski Boots
Dalbello has many ski boot models in both traditional 4 buckle overlap and the three piece progressive flex style. Here are reviews of Dalbellos' 2014 ski boot line.

Fischer Ski Boots
Fischer is a major ski boot manufacturer now with over 40 models and a vacuum fitting system that forms the special plastic to your personal shape.

Full Tilt Ski Boots
Full Tilt ski boots are made in the original construction and design that had been proven over the past 25 years to be the most popular 3-Piece design in the world. Full Tilt purchased the original molds tested every feature, kept what worked, then added some of today's most advanced technology to make them work even better.

Head Ski Boots
Head is adding models and attempting to grow their influence. They have continued to sign very high profile skiers to their team and have good podium placement. They have the Raptor, Challenger, Dream, Vector, Edge and Cube series to look through with about 40 models.

Lange Ski Boot
Lange has handcrafted high-performance boots around the feet of the world's best skiers for almost 50 years. During this same time, Lange has won more World Cup podiums than any other brand and as always, for 2013/14 they apply the knowledge gleaned from racing to improve ski boots for all skiers.

Nordica Ski Boots
With a heritage that goes back 60 years and an unsurpassed commitment to quality, the 2013-2014 Nordica ski boots provide every skier at every level the performance and comfort they are looking for.

Rossignol Ski Boots
For 2013-14, Rossignol, in its Montebelluna, Italy factory, designs its boots paying strict attention to details and sees ski boot design as very precise alchemy. Indeed a French brand approached with a touch of Italian accent.

Salomon Ski Boots
Salomon has a good selection of race boots, women's, men's, juniors and park and pipe ski boots for 2014. Here's the scoop on Salomon 2013/2014 ski boots.

Scarpa Ski Boots
Scarpa has been making footwear in Italy for centuries and they continue to improve their Alpine ski boot options.

Tecnica Ski Boots
For 2013-14, Tecnica presents over 40 models across their Race, All Mountain and Free Mountain categories. Across their categories Tecnica offers a fine and specific selection of ski boots for ladies, youth and kids.

2012/2013 Ski Boots
Guide to the best ski boot brands of the 2012/2013 ski season including Dalbello, Head, Nordica, Lange, Fischer, Full Tilt, Rossignol, Tecnica and Salomon ski boots.

2011/2012 Ski Boots
Guide to the best ski boot brands of the 2011/2012 ski season.

Ski Boot Information

Ski Boot Guide
Here's information that will help you get on your way to having comfortable and functional ski boots.

How to Fit Ski Boots
Before you rent or buy ski boots, it's important to make sure that the boots fit properly. The next step is to make sure that your boots are adjusted for optimal skiing.


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