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Ski Boot Guide

How to Choose and Fit Ski Boots


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Having a pair of ski boots that fit you and feel comfortable is essential. Ski boots transfer your movement - your "instructions" - to your skis and are very important for safe and enjoyable skiing. Here's information that will help you get on your way to having comfortable and functional ski boots.

Ski Boot Basics

Before You Buy Ski Boots
Ski boots are the most important part of your skiing equipment. Aside from the fact that you definitely will not enjoy your time on the slopes if your feet hurt or if your feet are cold, it is important to understand that your boots are the key to your skiing performance.

2013/2014 Ski Boots
Your ski boots need to fit you well and feel comfortable. Here's how to buy ski boots, along with a review of some of the best, most reliable ski boot brands for this season.

How to Fit Ski Boots
Before you rent or buy ski boots, it's important to make sure that the boots fit properly. The next step is to make sure that your boots are adjusted for optimal skiing.

Ski Boot and Ski Glove Dryer
Keeping your ski boots and ski gloves dry will help keep your hands and feet warm. There are several brands of boot and glove dryers available and most all use flexible hosing to reach into the interior of the garments.

Ski Boot Customization

Custom Foot Bed Fitting
Here's how to decide if you need custom foot beds, how foot beds are measured and made, as well as information on where to get them.

Instaprint Custom Footbeds
Both telemark and AT boots are just as accommodating to custom footbeds as downhill boots. If you don’t get fitted for footbeds when you purchase telemark or AT boots, I recommend that you take your boots to a shop that sells, custom fits, installs footbeds and will later correct and tweak them to your comfort and satisfaction.

Ski Boot Canting Information
Ski boot canting is an adjustment that is made to your ski boots to bring about a neutral stance that allows you to stand flat on both skis. The boot itself can be canted or the binding shimmed to bring your foot to a neutral position.

Ski Boot Canting
Here's a Step-by-step guide to ski boot canting, including how it is done, what's measured, and the final result.

Custom Replacement Ski Boot Liners
New liners can rejuvenate older boots. Not only will your ski boots feel as good as new, but with custom liners, they may feel even better than new.

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