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2010 Salomon Ski Boots

2009 - 2010 Salomon Ski Boots


2010 Salomon Ski Boots

Salomon Ski Boots

Salomon (buy direct) has been dedicated to new school ski boot technology and has continued to let their athletes work with the designers. They do have a couple of race options with the X3 LAB SOFT (130) at 95 mm width, X3 RC CS (130) and X3 10 CS (120) both start at 98 mm width.

The Falcon and Instinct were their top series but have moved aside to Impact, Mission, Idol and Divine series. Though the Falcon CS Pro at a 120 flex and a 98mm width continues with the Falcon CS (100) for all mountain use.

Many boots come with a new style of plastic in the forefoot that is able to be made wider (CS) by warming the shells then letting the boots cool down while on your feet, and they are said to be instantly altered to the width necessary for your feet.

The Impact 10 CS (120), Impact 9 CS (110), Impact 8 CS (100) and Impact 7 (90) are all 100 mm wide.

The ladies get the Instinct CS (90) at 98 mm width. There are many Idol versions with the Idol 9 CS (90), Idol 8 CS (85) and the Idol 7 (80). There are many good options there for different levels of female skiers and 100mm width is comfortable for many women, though I do not see these products selling like they used to.

The Mission and Divine series accommodate more width in a 102mm shape with the Mission RS 12 (120), Mission RS 10 (100), Mission RS 8 (90) and the Mission RS 7 (70). The ladies get the Divine RS 10 (80), Divine RS 8 (70) and the Divine RS 7 (60).

Then they have the wider models of the Mission 6, Mission 5 and Mission 4 all at 104mm width and all about a (60) flex. The wider ladies boots are the Divine 6, Divine 5 and the Divine 4 all about (55) flex and 104mm width. The most difficult thing here is the widest boots again are the softest so an advanced skier will need to get a stiffer, narrower boot and make it wider if necessary. Also, the Charm series is for the comfort oriented female with a Charm 7 at 106mm width.

Salomon Freeskiing Boots

The Freeskiing concept has evolved throughout their line and with many models dedicated to this series they have given several options. The Ghost (130), Shogun (100) at 98mm are 2 buckle boots for all mountain activities.

Their upright Freeskiing boots are the SPK series with the Pro Model (110) in a leather covering, Kaos (100) and the Kreation (90) in medium width 102 mm not to forget the ladies model Poison at 98 mm.

Salomon Junior Ski Boots

Salomon makes junior models with their X3 JR PRO (110), X3 JR (90) both 98 mm, Impact JR (70) and Impact 60 at 100 mm. Add the Kaid T3, Kaid T2, Kaid and Keira for the girls.

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