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2011 Fischer Ski Boots

2010 - 2011 Fischer Ski Boots


2011 Fischer Ski Boots

Fischer My Style Ski Boot

Courtesy PriceGrabber
The Fischer (buy direct) company makes all of its ski boots with their SOMA-TEC stance; basically working with the anatomical opinion of people being duck-footed and possibly helping us ski more comfortably in that stance.

Fischer Ski Boots

Fischer started with the RC4 Worldcup Pro 95mm (150/130) a few years ago and now have many more offerings in this category. The SOMA RC4 140, RC4 130, RC4 120, RC4 100, and RC4 80 all come in the 98 mm width.

Fischer has nice free-ride ski boots with cushion aspects and grip soles also in 98 mm width with the SOMA X-120, X-110, X-100 and X-90.

The SOMA Progressor 130, Progressor 120, Progressor 110 and Progressor C-LINE all come in the 100 mm width for more comfort and wider feet.

Their wider Sport models are the SOMA Viron 110, Viron 95, Viron 80 and Viron 65 for the men all in the 103 mm widest last they offer.

Fischer Women's Ski Boots

Fischer offers a full line of women's boots with the SOMA MY STYLE series all based off of a comfortable 100 mm width and advanced features. The SOMA My Style 110, My Style 100, My Style 90 S, My Style 90, My Style 75 and My Style 60 are all available.

Fischer Junior Ski Boots

Their junior selection is also based on the SOMA-TEC stance and they have the RC4 JR 70, RC4 JR 60 both in a 99 medium width. The Race JR 40, Progressor JR 40 Progressor JR 20 and Progressor JR 10 are wider.

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