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2014 Lange Ski Boots

2013/2014 Lange Ski Boots


2014 Lange Ski Boots

Lange SX 120

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Top of the line product is what the Lange (buy direct) ski boot company offers. In all models and throughout the entire line they have dedicated performance first.

Lange 2013/2014 Ski Boots

Lange has continued to refine this year's R series, which was created after scanning 20,000 skiers. They call it "Control Fit' and they feel great. The new shell shape is more upright and open in the mid foot, while keeping a precise ankle pocket.

Lange World Cup Ski Boots

The World Cup RP ZC (160), World Cup RP ZB (140), and the World Cup RP ZA (130) are thick walled race ski boots at 92mm wide. These are strictly performance first then grind to fit. The race boots come with the lace up liner and should be checked to DIN before use.

RS Ski Boots

They offer my boot, the RS 140, as well as the RS 130, the RS 120SC (short cuff) and the RS 110 in a more realistic 97 mm width. They have the same boots available in a wider 100 mm width with the RS130 Wide and the RS 110 wide. These are all great boots and can be for women or heavier junior racers, especially with the short cuff 120 or the 110.

The RS series is for the traditional on hill skier, ex-racer and the RX series is geared for the Freeride side country skier. The true grip replaceable sole being the biggest difference. The great RX 130 and the RX 110 are offered in 97 mm width.

RX Ski Boots The RX 130, RX 120 and RX 110 are also available in the 100 mm forefoot width. All with a grip sole that will go anywhere a skier would go. These are crossover boots and ski and fit very well.

SX Ski Boots

Lange's SX 120, SX 100 and the SX 80 have a wider 102 mm width with the true grip soles.

New XT Line

Lange has reinvented their boots with the walk mode being incorporated into the RS shell shape with the replaceable soles as well. The new XT line is very popular already. They also offer different widths for more options. Women get great walk mode options with the XT 100 W LV or the XT 80 W LV which are both in the narrow 97 mm width. Then they offer the XT 90 W and the XT 80 W in the 100 mm width for more comfort.

The XT 130 LV and the XT 100 LV are available for men in 97 mm width. Then the XT 130, XT 120 and the XT 110 are also available in the 100 mm width. The walk mode is popular and easier but if someone does not like that feature the RS or RX series in either the 97 mm width or the 100 mm width are excellent choices because of the performance fit in the heel and ankle pocket.

The type of plastic used makes a big difference in how these boots ski better than most.

Lange Women's Ski Boots

Advanced women have skied Lange men's boots for years and The RS series is still a great option for the female racer. There are definitely excellent Lange female specific options and most women will be better served if they get a boot they can flex and is designed for their anatomy. To this end Lange has The RX women's specific series, which accommodates advanced female skiers in 97 mm width with a good narrow shape in the RX 100 W LV or the softer RX 80 W LV. The narrower shell will be desired for performance.

For more comfort look at the RX 100 W, RX 90 W and the RX 80 W all at 100 mm width. These boots also have the true grip replaceable sole and should have great heel hold and ankle support.

Lange offers more comfort in the SX women's series for women with a 102 mm forefoot. The SX 90 W is the stiffest available in this series followed by SX 80 W and SX 70 W. For the average female skier they will fit loose and comfortably and ski fine. They have warm liners and replaceable true grip soles also.

Lange Junior Ski Boots

The junior program is deep here at Lange and you will see many of these boots on the top young adults in the world. The true World Cup RP ZJ (120) in a 92 mm width is the real deal including the lace liner. Then they have the RS 110 SC, RS 90 SC and the RS 70 SC available in 97 mm width. SC stands for short cuff. This is a good feature for women or young adults.

They also offer the RSJ 65, RSJ 60 and the RSJ 50 all great racing options and junior width 100 mm depending on size. Another excellent boot they offer for the advanced junior is the RX 80 SC wide with the replaceable soles and the 100 mm width. Then Lange has the junior RXJ (65), Starlett 60 and the Starlett 50, all in 101 mm width.

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