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2012 Salomon Ski Boots

2011-2012 Salomon Ski Boots


Solomon X Lab Soft boots

Regarding the Ski Boot Reviews Ray Rice says:

The goal is to review ski boots of many different manufacturers. I use fit criteria based on the last or shape. Narrow (95mm), Medium (102mm) and Wide (106mm), and flex terms: Stiff (160 to130), Average (120 to 90) and Soft (80 to 40). The tighter the shell is the quicker and more responsive it will be. Racers use narrow boots even on medium and wide feet and have them custom fitted to their shape. The average skier would not have comfort, warmth and performance with this precise a fit.

All manufacturers make different widths and flexes but they usually run together. The stiffest ski boots are usually the narrowest. The softest ski boots are usually the widest. Think about the type of skier you are or want to be, be honest and know that many of the boots made today are very good. The high-end female skier should be pleased with the female options but still may be looking at the men’s or top junior models for true performance.

There are a lot of good options in Salomon (Buy Direct) ski boots for 2011-2012 and they are continuing to develop new technologies.

Race Boots:

  • X3 Lab Soft
  • X3 130 CS
  • X3 120 CS
  • X3 100CS
  • X3 110 JR

Salomon Race boots have evolved into the X3 Lab Soft; at 95 mm it is a narrow fit and 130 flex makes it ready to take on the course. The X3 130 CS and the X3 120 CS are 98 mm wide before CS. The CS stands for Custom Fit, which would allow for the boot to be heated and expanded wider. They are all made of the high quality plastic so will ski great for the racer or advanced level skier. They offer the X3 100CS and the X3 110 JR as good boots in 98 mm width, but slightly different plastic.

Juniors also get the X3 90 JR, X3 70 and the X3 60 in 100 mm width and good race features.

All Mountain Boots:

  • Impact 120 CS
  • Impact 110 CS
  • Instinct 100 CS
  • Instinct 90 CS
  • Idol 85 CS

They have the Impact 120 CS, the Impact 110 CS and the Impact 100 CS in a comfortable 100 mm width, which can all ski anywhere on the mountain. Advanced ladies get the Instinct 100 CS and the Instinct 90 CS in a 98 mm width to ski all mountain if that is stiff enough. The Idol 85 CS is 100 mm wide so more comfort.

Side Country Boots:

  • Quest 14
  • Quest 12
  • Quest Pro Pebax
  • Quest Pro
  • Quest 10
  • Quest 8
  • Quest 10 Women
  • Quest 8 Women
  • Quest Access 60 W
  • Quest Access 80
  • Quest Access 70

Salomon offers many side country options with three-buckle technology in walk mode inclusive boots with grip-rite replaceable soles. Their Quest series has some incredibly lightweight options. The Quest 14 at 100 mm width and 130 flex including high quality plastic is stellar and amazingly light. The Quest 12 (120), Quest Pro Pebax (110) and Quest Pro (110) are the same width and slightly heavier. The Quest 10 (110) and the Quest 8 (90) are available in 100 mm width and extremely light too. The Pebax Renew is a recycled material that has good properties; like being less affected by temperature.

Ladies get the Quest 10 Women (100) and Quest 8 Women (80) in 100 mm width, and the (70) and the Quest Access 60 W (60) with the generous 104 mm forefoot. Also wider at 104 mm, with three buckles and walk mode are the Quest Access 80, Quest Access 70 for wider footed guys.

Mission Series:

  • Mission RS 12
  • Mission RS 8
  • Mission RS 7
  • Mission RS 6
  • Mission RS 4
  • Divine RS 8
  • Divine RS 7
  • Divine 6
  • Divine 4

They have four-buckle options and a wider forefoot in the Mission series at 102mm wide with the Mission RS 12 (120), Mission RS 8 (90) and the Mission RS 7 (80), The Mission RS 6 (65) and Mission RS 4 (55) are wider and more comfortable at 104 mm, which is great but less performance.

Ladies get the Divine RS 8 (70), and the Divine RS 7 (60) in 102 mm width. Then the Divine 6 (55) and Divine 4 (45) get wider at 104 mm in the forefoot.

Two Buckle:

  • Ghost 120 CS
  • Ghost 100 CS
  • SPK PRO (110)
  • SPK (90)
  • SPK KID PRO (75)
  • SPK KID (60)

Salomon has lead in the Two Buckle category especially with the Ghost 120 CS and the Ghost 100 CS both with a narrow 98 mm forefoot width.

Their proven Park and Pipe series also with two buckles includes the SPK PRO (110), SPK (90), SPK KID PRO (75) and the all with the generous 104 mm forefoot and a slew of soft features.

Junior Rec Boots:

  • Team (35)
  • Team (30)
  • T3 RT (30)
  • T3 Girlie RT
  • T2 Girlie RT
  • T3 Girlie
  • T1

Junior recreational options include the Team (35) 3 buckle, Team (30) 2 buckle, T3 RT (30) 3 buckle, T2 RT (20), T3 Girlie RT (30), T2 Girlie RT (20), T3 Girlie and the T1 (10) one buckle all come in 100 to 102mm width at least. RT simply denotes they are tagged for easier rental binding adjustment.

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