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2012 Nordica Ski Boots

2011-2012 Nordica Ski Boots


2012 Nordica Ski Boots

Nordica Hot Rod

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Nordica (buy direct) has more models and offers more ski boots than most manufacturers. They spare no expenses in research and technology for the products they make. Their Race boots are World Class and very proven. The EDT technology in their top race offerings is related to the fact they screw the Zeppa or boot board in 4 places front and back from the side of the boots. That zeppa is not twisting under foot unless it breaks from the force. I have not seen that.

Doberman Race Series Ski Boots

The Doberman WC 150 EDT, Doberman WC 130 EDT and the Doberman WC 100 EDT at 95mm and the Doberman Pro 130 EDT at 98mm are some of the best ski racing boots available. The Doberman Spitfire 120 and the Doberman Spitfire 100 in 98mm last offer most of the performance with more comfort and warmth possible for the younger or female skier if necessary.

The junior or smaller ski racer has the Doberman Team 80, Doberman Team 75, Doberman Team 70 or Doberman Team 60 to choose from allowing for more flex, which is critical for developing skiers. These boots are between 98mm and 101mm width depending on size and model.

Nordica Freeride Ski Boots

The Freeride category brings Doberman fit and performance to aggressive non-racers. The Girish Pro (130), Enforcer Pro (110) and the Enforcer (100) all come with a Full Shock Eraser Zeppa, Extra Grip replaceable soles and a lot of potential.

The Freeride options continue with great Park/Pipe boots the Ace of Spades (120), Dead Money (110) and the Double Six (100) all three buckles and lightweight. The list of features is long and though marketed at 100mm width these boots fit very generously and comfortable for a big wide foot. They offer a progressive flex as seen in the old Raichle boots.

Women get one option with the Velvet Ace (80) and the young grommet has the Ace of Spades JR (60) to keep pace with the big kids. Nordica has introduced a completely reworked shell design too in a High Performance series. Designed to allow proper forward flex with lateral stiffness and quick rebound for the next turn, including a new Carbon Fiber EDT zeppa for torsional rigidity underfoot.

Firearrow Ski Boots

The Firearrow F1 (120), Firearrow F2 (110), Firearrow F3 (100) and the Firearrow F4 (90). These boots all come in 100mm width and three buckles so should be light and easy to get on and off. The skier type is mixed here and will have a lot to do with fit and expectation.

The women's models include the Firearrow F3 W (90) and the Firearrow F4 W (80) also in 100mm width and three buckles. Lots of comfort here but unproven performance will push people to other options like the Speedmachine 110 and the Speedmachine 100 W, which are proven boots with 4 buckles and 100mm width also.

Nordica All Mountain Ski Boots

Nordica includes many previous offerings in their All Mountain category but have some new Sidecountry boots with a walk mode and lightweight three-buckle design. The Hell And Back Hike Pro (120), Hell And Back Hike EXP (115), Hell And Back Hike (110) with women seeing the Hell And Back Hike EXP W (100) and the Hell And Back W (90) for their Sidecountry experience. These boots include the Extra Grip soles for traction and should be quite easy to get on and off.

Nordica Hot Rod Ski Boots

The wider Hot Rod series returns with the Hot Rod 95, Hot Rod 85, Hot Rod 75 and the Hot Rod 65 with ladies offered the Hot Rod Pro 105 W, Hot Rod 90 W, Hot Rod 80 W, Hot Rod 70 W and even a junior Hot Rod Team 60. These are wide boots at 102mm but not too big. They should still ski well with warmth and comfort unless of course you have a medium or narrow foot.

Nordica Cruise Ski Boots

The Cruise series is Nordica's bucket option at 104mm width they are very generous so be certain this loose is good for you. The Cruise 100, Cruise 80, Cruise 70, and Cruise 60 are met with the ladies Cruise 95 W, Cruise 75 W, Cruise 65 W and the Cruise 55 W.

Everyone has some options to look at from Nordica.

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