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Lake Placid Skiing

Skiing Lake Placid, NY


Lake Placid Skiing

Whiteface Mountain

Mike Doyle
Whiteface Mountain Ski Resort, is located in Wilmington, New York, about 13 miles from Lake Placid, NY.

Lake Placid Village

Lake Placid is the site of the 1932 and 1980 Winter Olympics and a wonderful small town for a ski weekend or longer skiing vacation stay.

Lodging, shopping and dining are all available in the scenic village of Lake Placid, as well as in the surrounding area.

Accommodations range from five star traditional Adirondack Lodges to budget motels. There are a variety of stores which offer Olympic themed souvenirs, Adirondack Mountain themed gifts, and ski gear and clothing. Dining options range from fast food to fine dining.

Skiing Whiteface Mountain

Whiteface Mountain provides the highest vertical drop in the East and is a 15 - 20 minute drive from town.

Whether you're a beginner who will start out on the bunny slope, an intermediate, or an expert skier who will face the all-natural, back-country trails called The Slides, Whiteface offers terrain for you.

Lake Placid Cross Country Skiing

Cascade Ski Center offers Adirondack cross country skiing in Lake Placid. With a large fireplace in the lodge and bunk rooms for overnight accommodations, Cascade Ski Center provides a true cross country experience. With a variety of beginner, intermediate, and expert trails, Cascade Ski Center offers complete cross country skiing.

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