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Discount Lift Tickets

Where to Find Discount Lift Tickets


Discount Lift Tickets
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There are bargains to be found if you shop around for discount ski lift tickets. Before you head to the mountain and pay full price for a lift ticket, check online to see if discounted lift tickets are available.

Where to Get Discount Lift Tickets

Check the Ski Resort Web Site
Ski resorts often have discounted lift tickets available for online purchase. You'll also find multi-day and mid-week specials so you can avoid paying full price for a lift ticket.

Get a Ski Package
When you're heading for a ski vacation look for packages that include lift tickets. Ski and stay packages typically include accommodations and free or significantly discounted lift tickets.

Discount Lift Tickets
Buy your lift ticket online save up to 60%. Discounted lift tickets are available for many ski resorts and you can search for availability by date and location.

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