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Kids Ski Clothing

Girls and Boys Ski Jackets, Pants and Gear


Next time your child needs new ski clothing, or if you're in the market for the perfect Christmas gift, start with this list of the best kids ski clothing, including girls and boys ski pants and ski jackets.

Top Girls Ski Jackets

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Young ladies who love to ski usually want more than just a warm jacket - most likely, it's got to match her ski pants, boots and skis, too. At the same time, though, the jacket must be waterproof, breathable and comfortable, so she really can "ski like a girl" all day long, without being burdened by a jacket that's too cold or too hot. Here is a look at some of the best girls ski jackets (sized 7-16) on the market.

Top Boys Ski Jackets

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A good winter jacket for boys and young teenagers needs to serve multiple purposes - keeping him warm and dry on the slopes, looking "cool" enough for school, and holding up after a few seasons of rough-and-tumble winter play. While it might seem a hard task to fill, fortunately, there are quite a few jackets on the market that are at once weatherproof, durable and affordable. Here are a selection of some of the best boys ski jackets available.

Top Girls Ski Pants

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Chances are, most mini "ski divas" want their jackets, pants, boots and yes, even skis, to match or at least coordinate - a hard task for parents to fulfill. Whether her favorite color is pink, blue, or anything in between, these ski pants are a good place to start, as they'll keep her warm while looking cute, too - all without breaking the bank.

Top Boys Ski Pants

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Chances are, a boy's ski pants aren't just going to be worn on the mountain - they are going to be worn sledding, tubing, building snow forts and playing in the snow. Because of that, kids' ski pants need to be warm and weatherproof enough outlast both a lengthy ski day and a lengthy snow day, but also durable, to stay in top-condition throughout the entire ski season.

Top Girls Snow Boots

Image Courtesy PriceGrabber
A quality pair of snow boots is a must for every mountain-bound girl. Not only will a warm pair of boots keep your child's feet warm and dry, but winter boots are also necessary for the off-slope snow play that children love. After all, introducing a child to the snow is a great first-step in acclimating them to the sport, and a comfy and cute waterproof snow boot will help make the experience successful. Listed below are a selection of girls' snow boots that will carry any ski girl through the ski season.

Kids Ski Jackets and Pants

Copyright Art Vandalay
Ski jackets and ski pants for kids including stylish, warm and affordable jackets and pants for kids of all ages.

Buying Kids Skis

Image Copyright Elan
Not sure what size skis to get for your children? Your local ski shop can help you make sure you are purchasing the right skis for your child's size and ability level and you can do some of the measuring yourself to get any idea of what's best for your child. Here's a look at how a child's age, size, their time on the slopes and what activity they do on the slopes can determine the best skis to buy.

Kids Skis Packages

Copyright Getty Images Scott Markewitz
When you're shopping for a junior ski package, look for an inclusive kids ski package that includes all the gear you need - including skis, poles, boots, and a helmet. Be sure, as well, to select equipment that is the appropriate size for the height and weight of your child.

Keep in mind that you may be able to trade-in your child's equipment as he or she grows, so you'll not only save now, but in the future.

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