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Southern Hemisphere Ski Resorts


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Southern Hemisphere Ski Resorts - Thredbo Resort, Australia
Southern Hemisphere Ski Resorts

Thredbo is a prime destination for freestyle skiers, and has hosted many freestyle competitions and events.

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Thredbo is a ski area New South Wales, Australia. Thredbo is the type of resort that caters to everyone - there's a good mix of beginner and intermediate terrain, with children's and family programs to go along with it. In parallel, there's some cruisers, bumps and off-piste skiing for adults, as well as plenty of nightlife and dining opportunities, too.

It has over 50 trails, including terrain parks for all levels of skiers and riders. In total, there's nearly 500 acres of skiing. Thredbo also offers the largest snowmaking system in the Southern Hemisphere.

The resort has an excellent ski school, including special camp programs and a "Kids Club" dedicated to youngsters.

Thredbo is a full-service resort with lodging accommodations (including great deals and discounts, shopping, and many restaurant options.

Thredbo is a very versatile resort, making it a good vacation choice. While it is very family-friendly, there's also lots of nightlife options, including the famous Schuss Bar.

Although the permanent population of the town is small (just under500 people), there's enough to do at Thredbo to keep skiers entertained, on and off the slopes, for a full, week-length vacation.

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