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Southern Hemisphere Ski Resorts


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Southern Hemisphere Ski Resorts - Las Leñas Ski Resort, Argentina
Southern Hemisphere Ski Resorts

Las Leñas is known for its high-altitude, deep-powder skiing.

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Las Leñas Resort, Argentina, in the Mendoza region of the country, is an expansive, award-winning ski resort. It is located in the Andes mountain range, and the ski season stretches from June to October.

For hardcore skiers hungry for some steeps, Las Leñas does not disappoint. It's also famous for its powder, so the combination of black-diamond terrain and lots of snow draws many extreme skiers eager to take on the Southern Hemisphere slopes. There's a lot of great off-piste skiing, too.

Although Las Leñas is known for its challenging terrain, it does serve beginners (15% of the trails are green) and intermediates, too (45% of the trails are blue). It also has a well-established ski school dedicated to orienting skiers to the mountain.

Although families won't feel left out, as the resort does have many good programs for children and teenagers, Las Leñas has a ton of restaurant and aprés ski options, making it a good choice for younger skiers who want to party after the lifts close.

If you're thinking about taking a trip to Las Leñas, be sure to check out the lodging deals and discounts. The resort often offers great promotions for ski vacations.

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