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Ski Megeve - Skiing in the French Alps

Skiing in Megeve


Ski Megeve - Skiing in the French Alps

Megeve Skiing

Mike Doyle

Megeve, France is part of the Espace Mont Blanc and comprises three ski areas, Mont d'Arbois, Rochbrune and Le Jaillet. Megeve has great skiing for all levels and many of the ski runs are cut through the trees which hold the snow much longer than many ski areas in the Alps that are above the tree line.

Around the L'Espace Diament of France - Megeve Guided Day Tour
In Megeve, France, as in most European resorts, you can choose from a variety of certified guide services. Ski instructors, both from the heralded Ecole Ski du Francais, and from the independent French certified ski schools, are mostly locals well familiar with the area and can be hired out for day trips.

Megeve Skiing and Guided Ski Tours In The Heart Of The French Alps
Megeve is well known by few and is a jealously guarded secret among those that frequent its ski slopes, Michelin Guide rated restaurants, high-end shopping stores, casinos, and quaint narrow cobbled streets.

Skiing in Megeve, France
The expanse of the skiing at Megeve seems to just go on and on. You could pick up your lift ticket, strap on a backpack of clothes, ski, and hopscotch poma lifts, chairs, trams, and gondolas from one town to another. It would probably be several days before you covered anywhere near all the 200 plus miles of skiing around Megeve.

Megeve, France
Even if you are in the first cable car up the mountain are it's amazing how quickly a day skiing in the Alps can go by. Seasoned traveler or first time Alp skier if your day is ending in Megeve you are in for a treat as you wind through the village to your hotel or chalet and hear the unique sound of ski boots on cobblestones.

The Village of Megeve, France
Megeve is a wonderfully quaint village in the French Alps, with first class restaurants, high-end shops, casinos, and narrow cobbled streets. Horse drawn sleighs carry tourists around town and a ski bus provides service to the slopes.

Megeve Travel Tips
Travel tips for getting to and from Megeve in the French Alps.

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