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Zapz Microwavable Custom Insoles


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Molding Gel – the Heart of the Zapz Insole
Zapz Microwavable Custom Insoles

Zapz Insole

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The stock Zapz insole comes filled with InstaForm Molding Gel through the arch area which is the main support zone of the foot. There are several Flow Domes that will, after heating up and installing the insole, accept the spread of the warm Gel as you put weight on each Zapz. Standing in the hiking boot (or any athletic or walking shoe) the Molding Gel makes the Zapz contour to the natural shape of the arch.

There are two Poron cushion inserts, the blue and red areas in the photo, that are really ant-shock platforms and provide shock-absorption during the foot stride which goes a long way to cut down foot fatigue especially climbing in rocky areas.

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