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Off-Season Skiing Fitness and Training


Off-Season Skiing Fitness and Training

Biking has downhill and flat coasting making for a great interval workout.

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Information on how off-season sports such as biking, hiking, and swimming, as well as strength training, can benefit your skiing.

Hiking To Keep Your Ski Muscles Strong
How hiking it can benefit your skiing muscles and maintain your ski fitness, and tips to make sure your off-season hiking on the mountain is as fun as your winter skiing.

Skiing and Biking
Why is biking good for keeping in shape for skiing? First, it makes you use the muscles you use skiing. Second, it is a great aerobic exercise. Here's more information on biking and how biking helps you stay fit for skiing.

Skiing and Rowing
Rowing a sliding-seat scull is an excellent, total-body workout that really works your skiing muscles. Whether you choose to use a rowing machine or if you have the opportunity to row on the water, rowing is a great off-season exercise, and will definitely keep your entire body - ski muscles included - fit.

Skiing and Yoga
How yoga can benefit your skiing. Yoga practice can prevent ski injuries and can be a good wellness practice for skiers.

Strength Training for Better Skiing
Skiing, especially downhill skiing, may be highly dependent on strong leg muscles but overall conditioning builds a routine that burns calories, increases metabolism and can target muscles important for skiing but not usually concentrated on. Building these muscles is important because they surround and stabilize joints.

Swimming to Tone Ski Muscles
Swimming has high aerobic value, can quickly burn calories, and can be a great cross training medium for skiing fitness.

Off-Season Skiing Exercises
Off-season skiing exercises to keep you skiing fit year-round.

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