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Information on ski instruction, training, and fitness including learn-to-ski programs, ski lessons for all ages, ski schools and clinics, and staying fit off-season.
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Exercise for Skiers
These snow skiing exercises will get you in skiing shape before ski season starts and will keep you skiing fit year round.

Online Skiing Exercises
Online skiing exercises, workouts, and advice on getting fit for ski season.

FitSkiing - Your Guide For Peak Skiing
FitSkiing - Your Guide For Peak Skiing by Andrew Hooge is the book to take you from whatever your end of summer fitness level may be and gets you ready for opening day of ski season.

How to Fix Sore Skiing Muscles
Tips for fixing sore skiing muscles, plus how to stay skiing fit, both on and off-season, and avoid muscle pain.

Save Your Skiing Knees
How switching to a cleated biking shoe and clipless peddles and some special fitting with a RAD (Rotational Adjustment Device) definitely will save your skiing knees.

Strength Training for Better Skiing
Skiing, especially downhill skiing, may be highly dependent on strong leg muscles but overall conditioning builds a routine that burns calories, increases metabolism and can target muscles important for skiing but not usually concentrated on. Building these muscles is important because they surround and stabilize joints.

Healthy Eating at Ski Resorts
Getting a healthy lunch at your favorite ski area can be difficult because cafeterias inevitably offer a variety of junk food. However, healthy options can be found. Here are tips for healthy eating at ski resorts.

Skiing Tips
Whether you're an advanced or a beginning skier, these skiing tips will help you improve your skills.

Spring Skiing Tips
During spring skiing, every skier needs to take a few extra steps to have a pleasant, safe ski trip. You need to consider the stronger sunshine, changing snow conditions, and warmer temperatures. Here are a few tips to make sure that your spring skiing is enjoyable and safe!

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