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Review: VonZipper Chakra B4BC Goggles


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Review: VonZipper Chakra B4BC Goggles - Function
Review: VonZipper Chakra B4BC Goggles
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It’s not often that you find a pair of ski goggles that are cute, comfortable and contribute to a good cause, but the VonZipper Chakra B4BC goggles fit that mold.

Available in pink, the trademark color of breast cancer awareness, a portion of the goggles’ proceeds are donated to Boarding For Breast Cancer (B4BC), a non-profit organization dedicated to educating young women about breast cancer while raising funds for the cause. The inspiration behind the B4BC cause comes from the life of Monica Steward, a close friend of the B4BC founders who passed away at the young age of 28 after battling breast cancer for two years.

While the good karma surrounding a purchase of these goggles is a perk, it’s not the only one. The Chakra B4BC goggles offer 100 percent UV protection. Thanks to their lenses’ yellow base tint, the goggles will perform in virtually all weather conditions, as goggles with golden-hued lenses are known for working well in both flat light and during sunny days. Yellow lenses also enhance details so you can tackle that jump you’ve been eyeing or nail that mogul run.

Plus, the lenses’ pink polarization is more than just a fashion detail. The rose-colored tint is ideal for low light, making the Chakra B4BC goggles even more versatile, so you can rock them in a snowstorm or during a beloved blue bird day. The lenses are also designed with a wide scope that preserves peripheral vision, and the anti-fog coating will keep your vision clear throughout the entire ski day.

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