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Val d'Isere Ski Shops

Ski Rentals and Sales in Val d'Isere, France


Val d'Isere Ski Shops

La Poudreuse skis

Copyright Mike Doyle
As you might imagine in a place as famous for its skiing as Val d'Isere, there are many ski rental and sales stores. If you include sports apparel shops, you are talking about over fifty establishments. To rent skis you don't have to look very far from any point in the village center or the surrounding communities.

The Val d'Isere Tourism web site lists over 20 dealers where you can reserve your ski gear online. Some ski shops book online, others by phone, and still others only in-person.

From Beginner to Boutique Skis

As in most ski areas around the world you have shops that cater to different disciplines and varying skiing ability. Some are basically outfitters for the beginner and less discerning intermediate skier, while other shops specialize in taking care of the more advanced skiers, alpine touring skiers, or those looking for boutique skis.

A fine shop that I visited, in the center of Val d'Isere is La Poudreuse (translates as The Powder), located on the road leading to the Hotel Christiania, the beginner slopes, and the l'Olyimpique Tram. La Poudreuse has invested in an automated ski tuning machine made by Montana of Switzerland and custom fit to the interior of the shop.

La Poudreuse Intersport la Daille is the sister shop down the road and also has a Montana Snow Cruiser ski tuner. Both shops carry all the standard brand of skis and an impressive collection of the European high end and boutique skis such as Bogner, La Croix and Volant.

Marty Heckelman, author of The New Guide to Skiing and publisher of Skitips.com, who makes his home in Val d'Isere recommends La Poudreuse for their attention to detail and personal attention.

Another pleasant surprise you might have browsing for ski shops is coming across the Val d'Isere Surefoot ski boot and boot accessory shop. The manager, Mark Wilkinson, or "Wilkie" gives the same efficient and ongoing ski boot sales, service and maintenance that you are used to in the states.

Before your visit to Val d'Isere review the list of Val d'Isere Ski Shops and go through their web sites, noting their specialities and product assortment.

To find more options, ask a guide or instructor for their choice - you can be pretty sure whatever shop they recommend is one they do, or have done business with and is a shop they trust.

Believe me, in Val d'Isere you can be certain there is a ski shop that will fit your needs.

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