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Skiing Meribel, France

Skiing Les Trois Vallees


Skiing Meribel, France

A view from Mont Vallon

Mike Doyle

Skiing the Meribel Les Allues Valley

The Meribel area is the most central location to explore all of Les Trois Vallees. You can spend an entire vacation skiing Les Trois Vallees and never run out of mountain.

Skiing Meribel-Mottaret

While Meribel is considerably larger, Meribel-Mottaret is close by and offers all you need to enjoy and to explore Les Trois Vallees and being up-valley it is ideal for just acclimating and exploring the Les Allues Valley.

I spent the first day morning skiing the lower slopes either side of Meribel-Mottaret, and the afternoon headed up-valley, getting up to the Mont de Vallon which rises to over 9600'.

I set a leisurely pace stopping at several on-mountain restaurants and keeping well hydrated. Remember, the views riding gondolas and lifts to altitude may be overwhelming and breathtaking, but the real breath taking is on the way down. The marked trails or runs across the Les Trois Vallees are pretty accurate, so if you stay on piste and ski to your ability you won't have any trouble navigating.

Skiing Le Trois Vallees

You could spend a week long vacation just skiing the length and breadth of the Les Allues Valley and many people do that or stay and ski in and around the Saint-Bon and the Belleville Valleys. Once you start to access lifts around Les Trois Vallees it is easy to see the attraction of these individual valley ski passes and how the days can slip away skiing the environs, ahhing the views, and exploring each of the village resorts.

To access and explore the 3 Valleys, Meribel offers the best access because, remember as far as you go, you have to return and you want to do that by lifting and skiing. If you're stuck in, say Val Thorens, when the lifts close it will very expensive ground travel back to your lodging.

Start out early, follow the main routes around the compass points from Meribel, enjoy lunch in the villages and quick stops on the mountain. Just watch the time and you should have a great tour of Les Trois Vallees.

This will set you up for a return to Les Trois Vallees for perhaps a more focused trip - like off piste tours out of Val Thorens. Or just come back and tour around again - you will never be bored in Les Trois Vallees.

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