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Les Trois Vallees

Les Trois Vallees Ski Resorts


Les Trois Vallees

Saint Bon Valley

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Les Trois Vallees - So Large and So Inviting

A short 2.5 hour drive from Geneva Airport brings you to France's 3 Valleys - Les Trois Vallees. Billed as "the largest ski area in the world" the expanse is truly overwhelming with over 600km of ski trails and 180 lifts. What makes Les Trois Vallees even more attractive is that the over 600 km of ski runs are not just vast and unending snowfields, but are anchored around eight individual resorts.

Les Trois Vallees Ski Resorts

Each of the eight resorts - Brides-Les-Bains, La Tania, Courchevel, Méribel, Saint Martin de Belleville, Les Menuires, Val Thorens, and Orelle have their own personalities, fan base, skier loyalties and varying types of accommodations and lodging based mostly on price and degrees of luxury.

Note that 'Les Trois Vallees' is not just a pretty sounding French ski resort nickname. There are, in fact, three distinct valleys from which you can ride lifts up and over. No matter which of the 3 valleys you choose to call home for your ski vacation be assured that the entire expanse is accessible from any lodging point.

Ski and Stay Options

You can ski all Les Trois Vallees if you lodge in any of eight resort towns and villages throughout the 3 valleys or in bedroom communities of each main resort. Lodging availabilities run across the entire spectrum, including Hotels, B&Bs, apartment, catered and self-catered chalets.

Whatever your price range or party size you will find lodging to fit your budget and no matter what your native language is do not hesitate to contact the local Tourism Office and explain your needs.

To really get a feel for the immensity of Les Trois Vallees you have to see the map and if you are used to a North American ski trail map it will take you a few minutes to get your bearings - remember, those are small cities and villages dotted throughout the valleys that you are looking at.

Once your heart stops fluttering at all that skiing laid out you will not be the first and only one to have said - "Can I ever see and ski all of that?" Trust me, the answers are yes you can see it all and no, you'll probably not ski it all in one lifetime of ski vacations - but you can sure try.

Les Trois Vallees: Saint-Bon, Les Allues and Belleville

The three valleys that comprise Les Trois Vallees ski domain are the Saint-Bon, Les Allues and Belleville and you can lodge in any of the three and ski only in all of them in a day. However, to explore Les Trois Vallees and enjoy the adventure you need to plan your day trips and decide whether you want to experience a little of each resort or if you are out to just track as much vertical and mileage as possible.

Do yourself a favor, stop and smell the roses, this is way too large and beautiful an area for speed skiing. There is so much to flavor if you just stroll and hour or so through each of the main resort villages, maybe lunch in a village restaurant or on the mountain.

When you fall in love with the grandeur and sheer beauty of the Alps, Les Trois Vallees is a ski vacation area you will be drawn to return to and stay in various locations to maybe change your window view from one breathtaking aspect to another.

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