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Best Ski Resorts for Children


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Jiminy Peak, MA
Best Ski Resorts for Children
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Jiminy Peak Resort, located in Hancock, Massachusetts in the Taconic Mountains, is the largest ski and snowboard resort in southern New England. The mountain has 45 trails and 9 lifts, which includes a high-speed six-person lift.

Jiminy Peak is home to the KidsRule Mountain Camps, which provides ski and snowboard lessons for children of all ages and experience levels. KidsRule educates proper safety and etiquette on the slopes, as well.

The resort also offers special multi-week ski and snowboard programs during the winter months. The Mountain Adventure is a seven-week program for 6-17 year olds that teaches ski and snowboard skills and safety every Saturday and Sunday for two hours.

The ski resort also has the only mountain coaster in the North East. The Coaster also allows its passengers to control the speed of their car across 3600 ft. of twists and turns, so the ride can be as leisurely as you wish.

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