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Best Ski Resorts for Children


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Top 5 Ski Resorts for Children
Best Ski Resorts for Children
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While most ski resorts offer some type of kids' programs, some resorts go above and beyond in catering to families. The key to making the best of your ski vacation is to be discriminatory about where you take your family, and to select one that will serve your family's unique needs.

If you want to plan a family ski vacation, look for resorts that:

  • Have a significant amount of never-ever and beginner terrain.
  • Have modern, updated chairlifts (and a magic carpet, on the bunny slope) that are easy to load and unload.
  • Offer kids' skiing packages.
  • Employ instructors who specialize in teaching children.
  • Offer kids' programs with dynamic, on-the-snow and off-the-snow training.
  • Provide quality, interactive daycare services, if your little ones aren't quite old enough for the slopes yet.
  • Offer additional winter fun activities, like tubing, skating or sledding, in addition to skiing.
The following ski resorts are all prime options for family ski vacations. Read on for the top 5 ski resorts for children.
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