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Tree Skiing

Skiing in the Trees


Tree Skiing

Tree Skiing Safety Warning

Mike Doyle
Most of the time, skiers are checking out resort maps for the manicured and marked trails carved between acres of trees. However, in recent years ski resorts have responded to the call of skiers to open more of the wooded area within their boundaries.

Skiing in the woods is commonly referred to as "tree skiing" by those skiers who love the exhilaration of weaving through Nature’s slalom course knowing they can lay down their own tracks going where perhaps no skier has gone before.

Tree skiing locations are noted as as glades on most ski area trail maps, and typically marked expert or Black Diamond terrain, many areas are adding more and more acres each year to this category. In fact, a few resorts are saying "if we own it you can ski it."

A word of advice for when you're skiing trees - think of skiing in glades as skiing through moguls that you can’t catch an edge on and ski over. Remember what my friend the Ski Patroller says about skiing in glades: "Ski good or eat wood."

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