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Spring Skiing

Finding the Snow


Spring Skiing

Spring Skiing

Copyrght R. Mark Elling
Before we head to the slopes for spring skiing, we have to find the snow and a quick check at Snocountry.com will give you what I think is the most accurate information on what resorts are open. Be sure to check because this time of year, resorts start to cut back on hours. Some stay open every day, others may open a couple of weekdays and the weekends and then others only on weekends.

In hard economic times and in season's of sparse snow resorts are forced to economize and sometimes this results in not enough money or help to stay open as much as they planned. I think a quick phone call to the resort before you head out will save a frustrating arrival to an area with no lifts running.

What Trails Are Open

Once you've found a few resorts open for spring skiing, you might want to check the resort web site for the grooming and trail report that will give you a better picture of the terrain you can expect to access. If you are a family of beginners and intermediates you certainly don't want to go to an area with only black diamond runs still open.

This day and age you can pretty much trust resorts to tell the truth as to what terrain is open and what the conditions. A few may stack snowflakes and exaggerate a snowfall amount - but they want your repeat visits and so are they pretty good on reporting the basics.

Check the Web Cam

Here's a good tip I always use - most ski resorts now provide web cams around the area. While many of them are on or near a base or lodge area for wiring purposes more and more resorts are adding remote cameras. A look at the real time snow conditions gives a birds eye view as to how a lot of the terrain is set up.

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