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Grass Skiing

Ski All Year Round on the Grass


Whether your aim is to keep your legs toned for the winter or to find a new, exciting sport, grass skiing might be a great activity for you. While it's still making progress with technological developments, grass skiing is a great way to ski all year round.

Grass Skiing: What is It?

Grass skiing is sometimes considered summer’s equivalent to winter snow skiing. While not as popular as its cold weather counterpart, grass skiing has certainly made a name for itself and even has an international club. Generally more popular in Europe than the United States, grass skiing is a legitimate way to “extend” your ski season and technically, ski all year round.

Grass Skiing History

Grass skiing was originally developed as a training method for alpine skiing and was invented in Europe in 1966 by Richard Martin. Grass skiing is still developing, and yet it has spread around the world.

Grass Skiing Equipment

Grass skiing equipment is relatively similar to alpine skiing equipment. However, grass skis are designed to function on grass, not on snow. Wheeled grass skis can be used on a variety of terrain, but the majority of grass skis are tracked skis. Tracked grass skis are specifically designed to “slide” on grass, so they require smooth, grassy sloped. Tracked grass skis offer great speed.

Grass skiers use poles just like snow skiers. Just like helmets are a necessity for alpine skiing, helmets are used for grass skiing, too. Many grass skiers wear padding on their knees, legs, and elbows, because usually, grass is much less forgiving than snow.

Cost of Grass Skis

Grass skis are generally less expensive than alpine skis, and can cost anywhere from about $200 to $600.

Grass Skiing Requirements

Just like alpine skiing, anyone physically fit can enjoy grass skiing. As long as you have an open mind and you’re willing to try a new sport, grass skiing can be a great experience for you. Grass skiing participants usually consist of athletes who just can’t resist the sensation of speed, and skiers who just can’t wait for the next ski season and need to get on the slopes. Even though many grass skiers started grass skiing because of their love for the snowy slopes, previous time on the slopes isn’t a necessity.

Where To Grass Ski / International Grass Skiing Information

Grass ski centers are located in a variety of places, and many centers provide lessons, camps, and rentals.

Grass Skiing in the United States

Grass Skiing in France

Grass Skiing in Italy

Grass Skiing in Japan

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