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Downhill Skiing

Information and resources for alpine skiers, including downhill skiing tips and techniques, clinics, and ski clubs.
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How to Get Started Skiing
Do you want to get an idea of what's involved in learning how to ski? Here's an overview, along with step-by-step information on where to ski and the gear you'll need to go skiing.

Adaptive Ski Programs
Adaptive skiing is a Learn to Ski program for disabled skiers, and skiers with disabilities can master the techniques.

Best Powder Skiing
It's a classic question among skiers, powder hounds in particular: "Where's the best pow?" Although it all depends on seasonal snowfall, there are a selection of ski resorts that consistently rank among the top destination for best powder skiing.

Glacier Skiing
Glacier skiing is a form of skiing on glaciers, offered for both cross country skiers and downhill skiers. Cross country skiers can glacier ski in the Glacier National Park, while downhill skiers can find glaciers in North America and Europe.

Glade Skiing
In recent years ski resorts have responded to the call of patrons to open more of the wooded area within their boundaries. Referred to as glades on most area trail maps, and invariably marked expert or Black Diamond terrain, many areas are adding more and more acres each year to this category.

Heli-skiing is is off-trail, downhill skiing that is reached by a helicopter, not a ski lift. Heli-skiing can be a great opportunity for all skiers. Here's heli-skiing tips and information.

If you live and breathe skiing, you probably think that ski bums live quite...
If you live and breathe skiing, you probably think that ski bums live quite an envied life - one that, of course, centers around skiing. There's a lot more to being a ski bum, though. Here's how to start.

Night Skiing
When the sun goes down many ski resorts bank back the lodge fireplace and send everyone home until the lifts start again in the morning. However, at an ever growing number of areas, the second shift of patrollers and instructors are gearing up for a night of skiing under the lights and stars.

Snow Dome Skiing
When North American ski conditions disappoint, skiers usually have one option - head south, to resorts in Chile or Argentina. However, as more "snow domes" open up, skiers have more options than Southern Hemisphere skiing. These indoor ski resorts, located in interesting places across the globe, can provide your "skiing fix" during any month of...

Spring Skiing
Spring skiing tips, advice for getting the most our of your ski season, spring skiing clothing, and spring ski resort activities.

Tree Skiing
Referred to as glades on most area trail maps, many areas are adding more acres for tree skiing.

How Can I Ski All Year Round?
If you’re one of the skiers who just can’t get enough of the slopes and need a “skiing fix” between the winter seasons, don’t fret. While skiing all year round can be difficult and sometimes costly, it isn’t impossible. Here’s more information on summer skiing and how to ski all year round.

How Fast do Skiers Go?
One of the most common questions asked about downhill skiing is how fast skiers go. Here is a summary of the average speed of recreational skiers, Olympic skiers, ski racers, cross country skiers, and speed skiers, including speed skiing world records.

Professional Ski Instructors Association
When it comes to teaching skiing, The Professional Ski Instructors Association (PSIA) is the most recognized and respected organization in the skiing community.

Best Ski Areas for Spring Skiing
Do have a favorite spring skiing area? Let us know and share your best runs, on-mountain restaurants, and top off-slope activities.

Tree Skiing - Tips for Safe Tree Skiing
Tree skiing most commonly refers to skiing off the groomed slopes, in and among trees of various sizes, shapes and types. It is exhilarating and easily accessible at any ski area in North America.

Yankees Can Learn to Ski Western Powder
Can a couple of proficient Yankee skiers ski in snow they're not used to - like maybe powder over the edges of their skis? Yes, they can, powder skiing is definitely a learned skill that Easterners can master.

Holiday Gifts for Skiers
Here is a selection of ski related gifts for holiday gift giving - or receiving. There's a lot of what's new in 2011-2012 skis, boots, jackets and pants for everyone in the family.

Gifts for Skiers
Do you need a gift for your favorite skier or perhaps something to add to your holiday "wish list"? Here is a selection of my choices for holiday gift giving - or receiving.

Stocking Stuffers For Skiers
Do you need some little gifts for your favorite skier's Christmas stockings or perhaps something to add to your holiday "wish list"? Here is a selection of my choices for holiday gift giving - or receiving.

Gifts for Skiers
Need a gift for your favorite skier or perhaps something to add to your holiday "wish list"? Here is a selection of my choices for holiday gift giving - or receiving.

Bumps For Boomers
Bumps For Boomers (BFB) is an innovative and popular clinic at Aspen Mountain, Colorado that is designed to teach the so called Baby Boomers and senior skiers the skills necessary to ski moguls and to ski powder. Joe Nevins, founder and coach of Bumps For Boomers is a dedicated, skis-on-the-snow instructor who takes pride in the program and...

SkiDUCK (Skiing and snowboarding for Disabled and Underprivileged Children and older K ids) is a national non-profit organization dedicated to enriching the lives of disabled and underprivileged children by sharing the joys of skiing and snowboarding.

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