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Cross Country Ski Bindings


Cross Country Ski Bindings

Cross Country Skiing

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Definition: All cross country ski bindings are free heel bindings. The toe of the skier's boot attaches to the ski with a binding, while the heel is not attached. A steel rod or pins in the toe of the boot attach to a pivot point in the binding allowing free forward motion.

This is in contrast to downhill ski bindings, where both the toe and heel of the ski boot are attached to the binding.

Types of Cross Country Ski Bindings

  • 75 mm - The original country skiing binding, where the boot has three holes which line up with pins in the binding.
  • NNN (New Nordic Norm) - A bar in the toe of the boot attaches to the binding.
  • SNS (Salomon Nordic System) - Similar to the NNN binding with one large ridge and a narrower rod.
  • NIS (Nordic Integrated System) - The binding attaches to a binding plate on the top of the ski.
  • Telemarking Bindings are heavier and larger than other cross country ski bindings.

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